N32MJ Still Blocked


I know for a fact this A/C has flown several times this month yet, is still blocked…


Might be using a call sign to avoid being tracked


Yes, it’s on the new block list.


Thanks, didn’t take long for that to happen. Wonder what the difficulty factor is to get back on the list.


Taylor Swift’s bird didn’t take long either.


I would imagine it’s pretty easy for a celebrity to claim the “valid security concern”. Many of them (especially ones who can afford their own plane) probably have a story or event from the past that would justify the block.

There are a lot of crazy people in the world unfortunately.


I seen it before :slight_smile:
You can find it when it’s flying on PlaneFinder.

Tail: N32MJ
ModeS FlightID: MAGIC32
ModeS Hex: A36D13