N305CC, Carnival Cruise Lines/Bank Owned


When I searched for N305CC, Carnival Cruise Lines own it. However, flightaware states that it is owned by WELLS FARGO BANK, why? http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N305CC/history/20081013/0856Z/EGGW/KMIA



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Very common to purchase a big ticket item like an airliner or a 50 million dollar Global Express - and lease it. Far less expensive as than a purchase. In this case the bank is the owner, Carnival is the operator.

Global for sale for example, here is a 2000 Global for sale, and they are asking 47.5 million USD.

As an example FAA registry here is AVN Air which is General Electric credit. Note all the biz jets.

Another example FAA registry for ILFC - note all the airliners they have registered. They also own 600+ more airliners registered on other countries.


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Very true, if you’re boarding or deplaning an airliner and are able to see the registration you’ll see Wells as the owner on quite a few airplanes.
(Some of Trans States’ EMB145s have the registration on the cockpit door which is sometimes open during boarding)
I think most if the TSA J32’s were also WF.
Ironically while I worked for Wells for a while, I searched and searched and could not find a “flight department”. Weird that a company of its size does not have it’s own flight department (at least that I could find).


They do, so to speak… You must not have been on the “need to know” security level. :laughing:


:laughing: I felt that about alot of aspects there!! I wasn’t quite to that need to know level!

I worked with a guy there who was (well still is CFII thousands of hours) who settled down and wanted to be at home more. Well then he realized he was flying a desk, and so was hoping that he could find his way to the flight department, we looked everywhere we thought possible, but never found a trace.
Wells Fargo Skunk Works :question:


So basically, Wells Fargo own the aircraft and lease it to Carnival who use it?