N2520P Lancair NTSB report - aircraft was overloaded:


Pilot Blamed in Plane Crash That Killed Six;

The fiery plane crash that killed six people near the Kernville Airport last Labor Day was caused by pilot error and nothing else, the National Transportation Safety Board has ruled.

    There were six people on the four-passenger plane, and even though two were small children, the plane was too heavily loaded, according to the NTSB report.

    It took a year of examination of the wreckage to rule out any other possible cause, and that led the NTSB to conclude the only cause of the wreck was the ''pilot's failure to maintain control while maneuvering in the traffic pattern while landing. Contributing to the accident was the pilot's failure to maintain an adequate airspeed,'' according to the NTSB report.

    The pilot was Adam Pasori, 51, a Santa Monica real estate developer. The dead included his wife, Sibel Pasori, 32; his brother, David Pasori, 37, his sister Sipan Hamvan, 44; and her daughters, one 2 years old, one only 2 months old.

    The family was headed to the Lake Isabella area for a holiday campout when the plane crashed and burned Aug. 31, 2007 near the Kernville airport.

    Pasori was flying a Lancair Columbia 400. The NTSB report said he got his pilot's license in 2002 and had 789 flying hours.

    He had 214 hours in the Lancair, but the report says he had not attended the manufacturer's training class, and his instructor was not factory trained.

NTSB Report

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