N176DR depart KJKA to KSHV - Flight aware keeps loosing them

I get it and then the screen refreshes and it goes back to a flight from 2 weeks ago.

Newly purchased airplane

It is enroute to Shreveport now.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N176 … /KJKA/KSHV

If you are using Firefox try refreshing the screen using Ctrl-F5. For Internet Explorer, I believe the key combination is Ctrl-R.

Actually, there must have been database issues after viewing another post and Flight Aware’s reply.

I know how to refresh a screen.

There’s actually two types of screen refreshing. The normal one and the one using the Ctrl key. I learned about the ctrl method here on the forum. It’s a “deep” refreshing that works when the normal refresh doesn’t.

This “deep” refresh is less known than the regular refresh.