This Lear 45 does daily trips, sometimes multiple, between SUS and MSN. It appears to have been with Anheuser Busch back in 01, but is now registered to Wells Fargo. Very possible that is still is AB related, however they operate 5 other Dassault’s so a Lear would be an oddball given the rest of the fleet. Does anyone else have any insight on who/what it might be related to? Whoever it is gets a heck of a lot of usage out of this little jet nonetheless.


OK, this is a mouthful to explain. Well Fargo is the Registered as Owner while the Owner/Lessor is GECC the Lessee is Brown Shoe Company. brownshoe.com/

Excellent. Thanks! Madison is pulling to get the Brown Shoe Corp. HQ relocation from St. Louis, so that might explain it further.

Cerebrus, where do you find the lessee information on these aircraft when they show as Wells Fargo, GE Capitol, et al. ?

Unless they’ve re-registered and the FAA records don’t indicate it yet, it seems they may have incorrectly filed their plans yesterday and today as N710R.


N10R…Lear 45-042…7 year lease to Brown Shoe Company Inc expired March 08.

N710R…Lear 45-359…Is a brand spanking new Lear 45 just delivered to ?,
very good chance it is Brown’s new aircraft?

Good quick reference for biz jet registrations is;

LAAS International biz jets and turboprops.

Airliners List includes most biz jet production lists and many known owners.

Biz Jet 2008 Brian Gates was a ATC at Heathrow, and has compiled his list yearly since 1971, most comprehensive list out there!!!

You can buy the book, or the CD, or both. It lists every biz jet ever built, includes, all aircraft scraped, written off, and includes every military/Govt biz jet - ever!!!

Anheuser Busch owned two LR-45’s N10R, and N31V. After numerous problems both were sold. Brown Shoe has operated N10R from 2001 until present, and took delivery of N710R yesterday (new 45 xr). I think one of the board members live in MSN.

N710R 45-359 The Registered as Owner AVN Air, LLC out of Danbury CT. Owner\Lessor: GECC Lessee: Brown Shoe Company.