N108GF Avanti runs out of fuel crossing Greenland . . .

Accident occurred in October but photos have just surfaced.

Aviation Safety Report

N108GF crash-landed on the inland ice on Oct 16/09, after bad weather forced it to change course and land at an alternate airport.

The Piaggio P180 propeller plane en route from Iceland was unable to land at Narsarsuaq Airport. It was instead forced to change course to Kangerlussuaq Airport, some 750km to the north-west.

The plane touched down 60km outside Kangerlussuaq, rolling over on impact, and was destroyed.

Rescue crews reported, however, that the pilot (sole person on board) suffered only minor injuries and was able to walk away from the plane.

The photos tell the story;


Unbelievable that he was able to walk away - I bet that didn’t tickle.

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Ugg… :laughing: Amazing that he walked away, I don’t see how. I guess God said it was not his day to die…

Excerpt from: aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=69363

Reports from Kangerlussuaq airport personnell (I landed BGSF 1845z on the accident date, after re-routing CYYR-BGBW to CYYR-BGGH then diverting to alternate BGSF) was that the pilot missed the approach twice at BGBW and also that the pilot had filed 02+00 ETE and 02+45 fuel endurance in apparant violation of ICAO flight planning and alternate regulations.

Aircraft never arrived or departed CYYR unless it overflew.
Only been here twice: August 2, 2008 and September 10, 2008.


Good Lord, I can’t believe he even survived, let alone is able to walk at all!!!

Sources close to the story say the pilots name is… Chuck Norris 8)

Golden Falcon Aviation is based in the Middle East, and currently operate Avanti N785JH.
?Possibly it was flying under a Flight Number as opposed to its registration? N108GF.

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Last line: Couldn’t put Avanti together again.

Its a real uncomfortable feeling over those parts of the world low on gas. That diversion is pretty scary and the MDA combined with typical weather often makes it difficult to land. I have had to use both airports in referenced in Greenland before over poor weather conditions. Its bad over Iceland as the only good precision approach is in Rek/Kef and they are right on top of each other. If the weather is bad in one its bad in the other.

I can’t imagine the helplessness the pilot would have felt from seeing that hostile terrain. He wasn’t exactly a cell phone call away!

I wonder how long it took for rescue to pick him up?