Mysterious 35mm crash photograph

This is an actual 35mm film positive I found in my parents house but none of the details like a tail number or police department logo are fine enough to tell exactly where it is and I don’t know enough about aircraft to tell what type of aircraft it is. All I know is it’s a US Air flight somewhere cold in the winter. When I Google us air crashes all I get are the big one in Pittsburgh, which I think this can’t be because the fuselage is all in one piece, and one in Los Angeles which it can’t be because of the snow.

On the back of the print is a Kodak logo and a serial number QSS 91 12 N N-2-2 2, can only take a wild guess that 91 12 means December 1991 but I also don’t know enough about film photography to decode the serial number and Google only wants to tell me about camera and not print serial numbers. Maybe someone has some clues or specifically knows what it is?

Interesting. I looked at the US Airways wikipedia entry. It appears that it might be flight 499 at Erie, PA that overrun the runway on 2/21/86. I’m not enough an eagle eye to tell a DC-9-31 from a Fokker F28-4000 (the other winter incident). The reason I think it might be 499 is it looks to me that it’s a ‘survivable’ crash.

I think you’re right. I have several family members originally from Erie so that would explain why we have the photograph and the overall bleak and somewhat depressing landscape, and the snow, because they get endless amounts of it. That looks like an extremely light February. (They have almost all since moved to Florida.)

Definitely USAir Flight 499 as rkpeck says - see this photo:

Only weird thing is that on this photo parts of the livery is gone - namely the name of the airline.
The photo is attributed to “NASA Langley Research Center” so maybe they remove any markings to anonymize incidents?

Anyway - good find paulCIA :slight_smile:

Isn’t that, removing the livery, standard procedure?

The airline does not want their name on a crashed plane, I would think. I seem to recall reading that the ‘official’ reason was that once crashed the plane no longer belonged to the airline.

Tried searching for the tail number so I could add the picture, since my photos typically
are both worthy of and dutily receive one star, but all I get is “SALE REPORTED” :joy: probably for much-needed DC-9 parts :joy:

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