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My stats page is now corrupted

Since yesterday my location has switched from EGTC, UK to LSZH in Switzerland and all my positions are clustered to the Northwest. The pulldown menu to change location is useless since it only offers my locations in the vicinity of Zurich and won’t let me go further.

What has happened? Didn’t there used to be a little map where you could pick up your location and position it more exactly? I thought we could also change latitude and longitude somewhere on that page as well.

I have a similar issue.

I’ve reported mine and have a case number now. See what happens. I’m sure I could have put it right on the old webpage,

It offers me the option to change location slightly in Chrome but even that option is missing in Firefix, Safari and Explorer.

Me too! One of mine moved to Zurich and the other to West coast USA. I don’t have the option to change mine. I’m sure the programmers will get it sorted soon. Keep the faith :wink:

My stats have been fixed now by CS, they said the settings had been changed to non-updatable.

I don’t think this is something the user can do so it must be a system problem. I can now update my location and enter lat/lon as originally.

Those of you with a problem should contact CS, they probably don’t know who has been affected.

I’m back on track now. I don’t know why my positioned changed, but the problem I had changing it back was ‘user error’.

I thought to relocate you recentered the map on the correct location and press the update button. Actually, you need to grab and move the red position marker on the map. Their is a note describing the procedure, but I over looked it.

Hopefully the correct location will stick.

If your update option has been disabled there are no controls available to you, you cannot change anything.

Why a disable option even exists is beyond me, there seems no pont to it at all.

If your sharing method sends your location (e.g., PlanePlotter, Radarcape), you have to edit the location on your side; you can no longer do it in the stats interface. It didn’t make sense to have two places where you could set it, but one was ignored.

Is it possible that locations got reverted to what was set locally?

I don’t use those, just piaware with dump1090-mutability. There is no way I am aware of to change location at my end.

My locations got screwed last week when the server wasn’t serving up the daily stats. I don’t understand what you mean by “you have to edit the location on your side” Is that in the startup script or somewhere else? RPi with Debian and Piaware

Any help appreciated as I’ve got one station in Zurich and the other on West coast of USA!

Apologies, this is a bug in the FA stats system. We’ll have it corrected today.