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I am working on a project for school and I have to caculate how long will the flight be fom newark to cancun and I did it. I also had to pick out a hotel and caculate how much would it cost for a couple to stay there for 7 nights. The hotel I picked is called Aqua Cancun but I cant figure out how much the foof is because I dont think the whole wholo computer network has that and Im frausterrated and I have to finish this project to start on my essay. So if there are any sites you recomend me or suggestions please do so.

This is FlightAware. There is no “foof” here :stuck_out_tongue:

:unamused: :unamused: whatever :unamused: :unamused:

I believe that saying is
“This is FlightAware, Striker! We don’t ‘foof’ here!”

Americanairdude: You ever heard of Expedia? Orbitz? American Airlines? Travelocity? A gazillion other sites? They all give you the exact cost of hotel stays for couples, singles triples, and however many people you want in the room.

(I’m kinda partial to the triple if it’s the right other two)

Choose an all-inclusive resort and eliminate the need to calculate “foof” costs :wink:

I tried all of the websites you gave including priceline,expedia, travelocity, and plus more (remember I need the price of the food)

Ah! “Foof” = “Food”.

Got another term for you to look up: restaurant. Or, just make a guess at how much it would be. Just figure on $xx per day per person for food. Don’t forget to include the cost of adult beverages if the people going are of the adult persuasion.

Or, as suggested by someone else, pick an all-inclusive resort.

Where I come from ‘foof’ means something else entirely. :blush:

When in doubt, make up some numbers. Say 25 bucks for breakfast, 30 for lunch, and 45 for dinner. Put some more thought into it, and don’t blame FA for your grade. :unamused:

caculate caculate foof wholo computer network frausterrated eand recomend]

Before you turn in that essay, may I recommend that you try out the old spell checker. If you don’t, how much foof cost in Cancun is going to be the least of your worries. :wink:

You guys are a bunch of foofters…


no foof for you … come back one year

Try this. This is the schedule of per-diem rates that the Federal Government issues. In the M&IE column it says that for Cancun the government would allow for $102.00 per day for Meals & Incidental Expenses.

Us Accountants are good for something! :stuck_out_tongue:

Many of the hotels in Cancun sell their rooms based on either the Modified American Plan (MAP) or Full American Plan (FAP).

MAP = The price includes two meals a day, usually breakfast and dinner.

FAP = The price includes three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At many of the hotels the cost of the stay also includes drinks, so there’s no separate bar bill.

Therefore there will be little or no additional foof cost during a vacation in Cancun. I suggest you check the Aqua Cancun website to see if this isn’t the case with their rates.

Thtas another problem, I dont know the hotel’s website and dont tell me to go to “” because i tried it. But remember FOOD is the real problem here. Why would anyone ask for that without even knowing if it tells you the prices of food in trvel or any other website. Man, What can you say about education these days. :imp:


Too much results :confused:

Let me see. I’ve been out of school for many years. You are in school (or what passes for schools today). It is YOUR project, not mine.

Why don’t you come honest with us? You are a lazy student and you want the answers given to you. You don’t want to do any of the research. You are ungrateful when we do give you an answer.

Do yourself and everyone else here a favor: stay off of FlightAware until you get your project done. Do the work yourself. You’ll learn more that way.

I’ll give you one word of advice: There may be thousands of results to your search but, unless you really screwed up the search terms by entering something like “food” and nothing else then you need, in most cases, look at the results on the first 1 or 2 pages.

Though I missed being the brunt of Dami’s 4,000th post and at the risk of teasing those less fortunate than most, I have to second Dami’s remarks. I do like the public schools system, but that guy is way beyond lazy. In recent years, I have learned to pity some folks, but how little this guy knows leads me to believe he should have his Florida drivers license revoked.



TimCoble, you make no sense whats so ever and if you are annoyed of my posts then why dont you try make better ones and Ill leave some helpless and rude comments on you posts. 8) :blush: 8) :blush: 8) :blush: 8) :blush: 8) :blush: