My Other Vehicle Is a Gulfstream

WHETHER the joys of summer are riper for plutocrats than for the rest of us is always open to question. Would watermelon taste sweeter if you had a billion in the bank? Let me spit out this seed, check my bank balance and get back to you. As vacation season reaches its peak this month and millions of Americans jam the highways and skies seeking a precious portion of leisure, there is at least one way in which it becomes clear that the very rich are indeed very different from the rest of us.

That difference can be described in two simple words, almost magical to those who partake: flying private. (Full Story (NYT))

Most of the article won’t be news to FlightAware users, but it’s an interesting read. Coincidentally, the article features Aspen airport (and Trajen, the FBO) where I snapped a few pictures on Wednesday afternoon before flying to Vail for more Colorado mountain fun:

I always wondered why TIGGER had such a big grin! LOL :smiley:

That’s Hobbes dude. You know, the cuddly sidekick of that crazy kid every redneck in the U.S.A has pissing on something on the back window of their trucks.

I believe I’ve told you the story of Calvin pissing on a certain state north of Ohio on a t-shirt I once owned. :smiley:

Go Bucks!! #1 ranking in coaches polls…still the preseason though.

Spaceman Spiff likes mountain flying!

I had a hard time remembering Tigger, much less Hobbes!
I am just out of touch with CARTOONS!

Pic just looks like a NetJets advertisement! 8)