My Depicted Flight Track Ended b4 My Destination...WTHO?


31 Jan 07…N780FM, KPKB - KFFO…Route of flight, KPKB XUB KFFO…Issue: Flight Aware depicted my flght ending well before KFFO but still reported my actual arrival time at KFFO. Why?

Add’l Info:
*I did not canx IFR b4 reaching my destination
*I did not land prior to reaching my destiantion





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The short answer is: It just does. It’s not a glitch on FlightAware’s part, it’s in the info that comes from the FAA. You’ll notice almost every flight ends somewhat before the actual destination, usually somewhere around getting handed off to the last controller. It is exaggerated when the route is relatively short, making the gap appear huge.

I’m personally interested in what you did here: … /KSBY/KFME
My first thoughts were making some turns to stay out of the ADIZ while ATC worked on the clearance, but you must have been IFR, so I don’t know.


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Clever research JHEM…

First - Thanks to CFIJAMES for the answer…come to think of it, I did get handed off to Dayton App right around the point my track dropped off so your answer sounds plausible…

Second - DAMIROSS, appreciate the suggestion…good point…noted.

Third - Back to CFIJAMES…not sure what the squiggle routine was all about…someone else had the airplane for that flight…I’ll ask and if I find out I’ll let you know…



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