My Alerts: Save Preferences?


I typically create two alerts per week, letting them expire before creating new ones the following week. The two alerts are generally identical, except for a few minor differences. Since the old ones have expired, I am required to recreate each alert from scratch, selecting all of the same information for each alert. This is fairly time consuming, especially for only two alerts per week.

Would it be possible to either:

A) Allow expired alerts to remain in the system for a period of a month or two before being deleted? That would save all of my personal preferences, and the only steps I would be required to take would be to change the valid dates and the flight number. All other configuration options would remain selected.

B) Save the configurations selected for the last expired alert and populate the next new alert with them. Perhaps a button could be added which would forget the prior alert configurations for users who do not wish to utilize this feature for each new alert.

These changes would help reduce the number of mouse clicks to create my two weekly alerts from 36 down to 6.

Also, an easy to use interface for creating new alerts on the iPad app would be a great addition, as well.

Thank you.