my ADSB feeder stats page conflicts with Flightaware


I received a “Feeder Outage” email that my feeder was not sending data to FlightAware
my site 8021 page info states:

Data Feed: Live - less than a minute ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - less than a minute ago
Joined: 01-May-2015
Longest Streak: 704 days (01-May-2015 - Today)

But the 30 day ranking table says ‘last seen’ is ‘today’ instead of 'live’
The Hourly Collections graph has plotted zero since about 10AM and the Hourly Received Reports graph says ‘Nothing Received’ since Noon
The Recent flights with positions from this feeder on listing has 20 flights within time span of past 6 - 3500 seconds

The receiver log most recent entries:
[2017-04-03 16:26 EDT] mlat-client(600): Listening for Extended Basestation-format results connection on port 30106
[2017-04-03 16:26 EDT] mlat-client(600): Input connected to localhost:30005
[2017-04-03 16:26 EDT] mlat-client(600): Input format changed to BEAST, 12MHz clock
[2017-04-03 16:26 EDT] mlat-client(600): Beast-format results connection with connection established
[2017-04-03 16:26 EDT] 48 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (27 in last 1m); 19 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2017-04-03 16:31 EDT] 285 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (237 in last 5m); 256 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2017-04-03 16:36 EDT] 535 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (250 in last 5m); 506 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2017-04-03 16:41 EDT] mlat-client(600): Receiver status: connected
[2017-04-03 16:41 EDT] mlat-client(600): Server status: synchronized with 23 nearby receivers
[2017-04-03 16:41 EDT] mlat-client(600): Receiver: 92.5 msg/s received 46.7 msg/s processed (50%)
[2017-04-03 16:41 EDT] mlat-client(600): Server: 0.2 kB/s from server 0.0kB/s TCP to server 0.7kB/s UDP to server
[2017-04-03 16:41 EDT] mlat-client(600): Results: 102.6 positions/minute
[2017-04-03 16:41 EDT] mlat-client(600): Aircraft: 12 of 15 Mode S, 7 of 10 ADS-B used
[2017-04-03 16:41 EDT] 829 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (294 in last 5m); 800 msgs sent to FlightAware
[2017-04-03 16:46 EDT] 1176 msgs recv’d from dump1090-fa (347 in last 5m); 1147 msgs sent to FlightAware

I’ve been monitoring the stats page for more than an hour and the graphs continue to show no data while the Recent flights report has been as busy as normal for this site. I have rebooted the Receiver and cannot find anything amiss except that FlightAware says it is not receiving ADS-B data.

Has anyone else had this condition? Any suggestions how to get ‘Live’ again given all appearances are that it is Live? I’d hate to lose my 704 day streak of operation because of something in my control.


Stats processing is behind realtime. We’re adding more hardware shortly; see if it’s still a problem tomorrow.


I have two ADS-B sites and the other one (14505 - about 12 miles away) has no issues like this one. It is listed as ‘Live’ and has not been reported with an outage. That led me to believe there might be something subtly wrong with the 8021 site.


Stats processing is split up and runs in parallel across many CPUs; each site goes to exactly one of the processors; it’s possible for one processor to be behind and a different one to be up to date if they are unevenly loaded, so you can see different behaviour on different sites.

(we use Kafka with a stats processor per partition)


OK – -- 7 hours later, showing ‘Live’ again in the hourly collections graph and 30-day rankings listing.
All is well
I had not yet experienced an ‘outage’ that was not due to my equipment being offline.


I also seem to have lost a lot of Stats yesterday (4th April 2017) . While the hourly reports are ‘full’, the table below them shows almost nothing for 4th April. Not able to add the image but my site address is: … tats-17888

Can I get my missing stats back?


Yep likewise. My Totals for 04/04/17 were approx 900 Aircraft seen, 190000 Reports. now it is 37 Reports and 2 aircraft seen. looks like parts of the database have been restored from an earlier version, or our accounts for that day have been corrupt.

I know that FlightAwareOps on twitter have updated the news and announced issues with the Database, but was yesterday not the day new hardware was being installed for processing the stats?



It is coincidence, actually. We’re having pretty serious unrelated problems with the database servers and that’s what is being looked at first. We’ll circle back and sort out stats for the 3rd/4th once everything is stable.


Thanks! Its quite disconcerting to lose one’s stats and ranking… :wink:


I have been told by FlightAware ADS-B Support “Unfortunately we will not be able to back log any statistics.”


That’s sad :cry: . It takes a lot to keep the feeders running :neutral_face: