My ADS-B Pate No Longer Showing Coverage and History Graphs


I tried to move my PiAware over to another Raspberry Pi so could reclaim my original Pi for other project.

Seems to be reporting aircraft to FlighAware; however, My ADS-N page no longer shows my history and coverage graphics.

No sure if I messed something up by trying the swap or if it is a site issue.

I have switched back to the original RPi that I starte PiAware on. Same results.

Thanks for any info/help.



Looking like a broader issue. Have checked some other user sites and seeing the same lack of graphics.


It is the site.


Even if it is site-related, remember that your original site is very likely identified via the mac-address of the ethernet port, so a different RPi will be identified as a new site, and you loose all your history. The only workaround ist mac-spoofing, which means adding a line to a config file, it is on this forum somewhere.


Dollars to donuts it’s something DST related. I’m sure they’ll square it up soon.


Database performance issues, ops is looking into it.