mut, no start


/etc/init.d/dump1090-mutability restart… ends in no start … access denied. Can you give the correct path statement to enable it to run?

I thought the configuration would “autostart” it but that doesn’t happen on sudo reboot even. How are you handling ppup1090 for PP?





sudo /etc/init.d/dump1090-mutability restart

and check /var/log/dump1090-mutability.log for any issues.

Sorry, don’t use PP so I can’t comment on that question.


ppup1090 involves using a binary-only object file with an unclear license (I have tried to clarify what it’s meant to do, but no luck). dump1090-mutability does not support it. If you want this to change, then get Bev to publish a spec for the protocol it is meant to generate.


You have to compile it against the Malcolm Robb release of dump1090 from memory. I did that to generate the binary and then used it with dump1090-mutability OK. I did have to write an init script for it separately though.

I haven’t looked at planeplotter for some time though, because the whole set up seems to be designed to obfuscate every detail. The program has a UI from the 90s, the website has the worst colour scheme and layout possible and they insist on using Yahoo groups for communication, which also seems designed to be impossible to navigate efficiently. Then when I update to Windows 10, it stopped working and I couldn’t be bothered to jump through all the hoops to get it running again. There’s enough software available now that provides similar functionality, a lot more easily.