Must watch especially for Boeing fans


Forward to around 29 minutes.



Each aircraft is inspected by the FAA before it leaves the line, right?

The woman in this clip is a former employee. Why is she a former employee? Fired? Left on her own?

#3 for Boeing fans :smiley:


2 responses- I guess no wants to speak about Boeing’s dirt.

And, Damiross, did you even watch the video? The woman is a former employee because she was laid off go AFTER bringing up these issues numerous times and not keeping quiet. Your questions would have been answered if you would’ve watched the entire clip.

Skeptics who think these people are only after money or have their own agenda, should definitely watch the entire video. Many of your questions will be answered. One of the ladies was a 3rd generation employee who was first told of the issue by an engineer.


Yes, I did watched most, not all, of it. I did find out later two were laid off.

I believe Boeing’s aircraft are the safest around. I wouldn’t hesitate to ride on any of them. I still say the whistle blowers are looking for money. If they weren’t why are they asking for billions of dollars? Sure, they say “it’s not about the money” but that’s pure bull.

If it’s a Dan Rather interview or “investigative” report, you wouldn’t believe the size of the grain of salt I use!


I agree. Dan Rather is a big-time agenda driven reporter. However, this issue is what happens when bean counters run an engineering company.


Okay, fine. Even if the whistleblowers were solely after money and Dan Rathers is a agenda-driven reporter, that doesn’t change the fact that Boeing is putting lives at risk.


lieberma i saw that video about a year ago and at that time though a thought struck me… why has an airbus website have videos of mainly boeing aircraft? they only have one video of an airbus and thats a a340 simulator, seems wierd to me