Multiple PiAwares Behind NAT, Changing Ports for VRS


My setup is (briefly) the following:
Location A: PiAware, separate laptop running VRS
Location B: 2 PiAwares

The PiAware at Location A feeds VRS with ADS-B traffic on 30005 and MLAT on 30106. I can also feed VRS at Location A from one of the PiAwares at Location B, using the 30005/30106 ports. Both locations have static IPs, so there’s no issue with dynamic IPs. However, because both PiAwares are behind NAT at Location B, I’m unable to port forward using my router to connect to the 2nd one because I don’t know what command to use on the 2nd Pi to change the ports from 30005/30106 to something like 30006/30107 - and whether that would cause any issues. Can I get some help with that? Thanks.

If you’re doing NAT anyway it should be easy enough to remap the ports as part of the NAT.

Alternatively, reverse the connections so you’re making outgoing connections from B to A (e.g. socat)

piaware pretty much insists on data being available on 30005 at the moment so changing that port is hard.

Thanks obj. I don’t know why I didn’t think of just forwarding to a different internal IP, based on the external port, using nat - somehow I had it in my head that the internal and external ports in the nat settings had to be identical.