Multiple flights from UK to one US destination.


Is it possible to track Multiple flights from UK to one US destination. Something on the lines of maybe 2 or 3 flights at simular times from the UK all inbound to Orlando Intl (MCO) ?


Just look at the arrivals at MCO (or whatever airport), click “more,” and then sort by airport. If I’m not mistaken, the sort by airport is actually a sort by airport code so all of the UK airports will be together.

See if this works for you.


There’s another minor quirk that operates here…

When the FAA does not get a timely departure message from UK authorities, “live tracking” will tell you that the flight has not yet taken off. You’ll see these flights on the radar views, without an aircraft type in the ID block. They are flying! But “live tracking” may not be activated until very shortly before landing.


Thanks for the replies, is there anyway i can see multiple radar tracks from the UK, again say inbound to MCO, as opposed to text data listings?



Not currently.

You can see multiple flights in the area of an airport (i.e., radar view) by clicking on the small map on an airport activity page. However, if you want multiple tracks between two airports or multiple legs flown by the same aircraft on a given date, currently there’s no way to do it.

FA has been updating their mapping package for a long while now. When that’s released, there’s no telling what kind of great goodies will be included.