Multiple ADSB receivers, one connection

A year or so ago, when I applied for a Flightfeeder box, I also applied to Flight Radar, and Radar Box for receivers. They have now got back in touch and want me to host their receivers too. I live in a ‘strategic’ location, Europe ‘ends’ 10Km from my house.
Before accepting, would there be any conflicts between the three boxes operating on the same internet connection, via a LAN switch?
Would there be IP conflicts, for instance? Or would all three work in harmony?
There’s no problem with the actual logistics of three antennae, power supplies, etc, but there’s no point in accepting the other boxes if they’re not going to work together.

There should be no problems as they ultimately will connect to their own unique servers.

True, i have working FR24 and FA in the same swith and so far so good!

Thanks for the reassurance!