Multilateration: error: Multilateration is not enabled


I just started out with a Raspberry-Pi 3, an FA Pro stick +, PiAware 3.3.0, and a discone antenna.
Everything works except Multilateration (see subject).
I’ve registered (although I don’t show up on the new station stat page) and I can’t find out how to input my Lat-Long-Alt.
Any help would be appreciated.

Also is there a legend somewhere denoting what the plane silhouettes and various colors mean on the status page??


  1. Restart piaware after you’ve claimed the receiver. That should make the site start showing up on your stats page (might take up to an hour)
  2. Once you have the site on your page, configure the exact location of your antenna; this is needed for mlat to work correctly.
  3. Restart piaware again (sorry!)

The restarts are a bit of a hassle; I have some changed in the pipeline that will remove the need to do that, but it’s not quite there yet.

The colors of the icons reflect altitude. There is a legend for that in the works. The colors of the rows in the table indicate the type of position data (ADS-B, mlat, or no recent position information)

(A discone will work OK for ADS-B, but you may actually get better results with just a 1/4 wavelength / ground plane)