Moving States - What do I need to do?



In a couple weeks, I’m going to be moving from Oakland, CA to Sun Valley Idaho. I’d like to keep feeding data to FlightAware, but I don’t see how tell it I’m in a different location.

Any advice?




You can configure your feeder location after you’ve got the feeder set up at the new location by going to and clicking on the gear icon
(In fact you might want to do that right now, too, since currently the location is not set and it needs to be set for mlat to work)

So long as the feed isn’t down for >30 days the same site should be kept.


You also need a moving van big enough to handle your RPi :smiley:
Try to to get there by the 20th … ey_100.htm 8) 8)


Heh, yep, gonna be up there for the eclipse!

obj, thanks for the info on the move