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Move SD Card to New RasPi4B?

Can I just pull my microSD card out of one RasPi4B and move it to another identical Pi? I wasn’t sure if there was some chip ID that mated a card to a specific Pi or not. Still new at this!


Yes, it’ll be absolutely fine and dandy.

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It’s even working from a RPi 3B to a 4B

I did that once i got my Pi 4 and exchanged the Pi3
However a few days later i decided to start with a fresh install.

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… works only for Buster based systems.


Before the feeder id, if you swapped the Pi, you created a new station, as they were identified by the mac address of the Pi. To prevent this, you had to spoof the mac address.

Nowadays, it is easy to swap hardware, as long as you (can) use the same sdcard. Then again, if you reimage the sdcard, you have to manually add the feeder id or a new site is created.