Most Polls in the shortest amount of time?


We need a poll to see who we, as users of this board, think (without cheating) has started more polls in the shortest amount of time with regards to time since first post. Would it be the Nordakian, Nitro, iPod, or the recently excommunicated RL???


Well lets do it, who has started the most polls in the shortest amount of time? :unamused: :unamused:


this is starting to get gay :confused:


And childish!


Just sent a request to dbaker for deletion!


Did you start a topic about yourself? And a poll too no less? Wow :unamused:


I leave for 3 days my email is full of replies that where on here. Ipod I don’t think that I have ever made a poll on here. And I have to say lets stop that polls at least until next year :wink:


That would be my bad on that call Nitro…

I thought you had put some polls on here.


pika its chill. When did all the polls begin to show up?


If a thread has a poll I don’t even open it! (Except for this one because I needed to say that.) I hate polls. They’re just opinions and no facts.


So what made you open this one??? I open anything that is marked orange so I can have a nice and clean discussion section, thats why I got a big supprise to have to open and close about 100 topics. :laughing:


Try this quote.


WOOPS I missed that one :blush: