Most Efficient Daily Flight Data Approach?

Hi. I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction on which parameters from XML V2 I should use, or if XML V3 is the most appropriate way to go.

Once an hour, I would like to get an update specifically for Boeing 737 series aircraft, and 5 major airports in the US, that contains:

Departure airport
Arrival airport
Estimated departure time/date
Estimated arrival time/date
Aircraft series (-800 or -900 etc.)
Tail number
Flight number

Is there a key somewhere that decodes the different V2 tier descriptors? Or based on what I’ve described above, is it clear that V3 is the way to go? It just seems I would be ‘paying’ for a lot of extra unneeded returned info with V3 that would use up my monthly quote quickly.



FlightXML 2 billing is usage based. Precise values are based on volume and query type. The full pricing sheet with the tiers is visible here:

As of this time only FlightXML 2 (Search and SearchBirdseyeInFlight) will allow you to search by a specific aircraft type and airport origin/destination. After retrieving the faFlightID a second query per result would be made to FlightInfoEx to get estimated times.

Otherwise, FlightXML 3 AirportBoards will allow you to get all the information listed for a single airport. However, you will need to process the results in your application filter for the desired aircraft type. This will mean paging through the results to make sure all desired aircraft are found.