Morgan Freeman's SJ30 light jet visites Caldwell, NJ

Wish I would have been at work to take pics for you guys… or at least confirm the paint scheme

SINO SWEARINGEN SJ-30 (twin-jet)

I hear he picked it up in UAE not to long ago … -the-skies

It looks like it has landing gears made for a carrier! I know they’re not, but they kinda look an F-18’s gear… :unamused:

reports say paint scheme is white, with black tail and MF Jazz logo on tail. no photos of aircraft painted are out there

I swear I heard Morgan Freeman’s voice on the radio talking to Memphis Approach one day. This is before he got the new plane.

This is the closest thing to a picture of it that I could find:

I believe that that is Mr. Freeman standing next to Emivest’s demo airplane, not his actual airplane.

Oh, OK. The thing I read said it was his new plane…?

Photo above was taken at Clay Lacy FBO (Van Nuys CA) back in January while attending the Legends of Aviation Awards.Ed Swearingen incredible aviator/designer extraordinaire.

N30GZ departed on a trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya. Departed Dec 5/09.

As Mr. Freeman says, the aircraft has long legs!!! Video with N30SJ demonstrator discussing his new jet.

N30GZ c/n 10 during first power up test.

cool photos everyone, ill see if I can grab some more pics next time he blesses cdw lol 8)

Spending the holidays in the Emirates . . .

He officially took delivery in Dubai.

John, not in Dubai.

‘Ground Zero Blues Club’ - written on tail.

Ground Zero Blues Club website.

Their back . . . … /CYYT/KANJ

Saw it today in San Antonio … bsize=full

Not only an excellent capture!!, and photograph - I see you’ve got lots of very nice biz jet shots!!!


Rob, that almost sounds like an comment:

They’re all like, “beautiful moment when moon comes across sky in instant. excellent capture your stunning photo leave me breathless A+++!”

Doh . . .

Actually I’d rather be able to leave a comment on photos rather than vote.

I see way to many photos here downloaded from other sites, it is refreshing when someone not only downloads some very nice photos of their own, but happens to catch a rare globe trotting SJ-30.

Then there are a couple of FlightAware members that download a lot of high quality photos of their own - it takes waaay too long to vote on them, even a few.

You know I’m only joking. I agree - the time and preparation that goes into taking and posting some of those photos is worthy of being rewarded. I’ve got an AFB and commercial airport (CHS) within spitting distance of me and I’ve gone out there trying to get pics many times, only to be turned away - many times. You were talking about getting turned away from the Bombardier factory - I’ve had the same thing happen more than a few times, but with MP’s instead of security. I’ve finally given up, although, being that it’s our tax dollars paying for it, we should be allowed to photograph whatever we want.

In the UK they have this;

In Toronto they have;

FlightAware hmmm, photo membership hmmm,

maybe something there??