More money down the drain? … unds_N.htm

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Looks to me like it’s hard to tell whether this is a waste. The examples were picked out based on superficial criteria, and defended based on deeper information asserted by the agency. You’d have to dig into each case to find out the true story.

Those towns might only get a few flights a day or even a week but when you’re bringing in someones heart medicine, or new insulation for someones house or food and fresh milk. those flights are important. They say the towns can be accessed by AC or boat. but you can take the boat out of the equation in the winter when the water if frozen.

Having flown 2/3 of my currant career in the great state of AK, I say do the work.

I agree - while they don’t serve a lot of people, airfields in Alaska are essential to the survival of the people there. Remember that a lot of these places don’t have extensive roads or highways so this is the only way in and from a government expenditure perspective, a few million for a runway is a lot less expensive than building a highway.

A lot of the air facilities in Alaska have been seriously neglected as well.