more information on piaware internal web site available?

hi all,

if I watch on the internal site myip:8080/ and klick on a aircraft, on the right side is a table with informations about this bird.

But there are only this informations.

ICAO Code as hex
Lat / Long

Is it possible to see Registration, Aircraft-Type etc? Registration is most important for me.

And is there a software for watching a “virtuell” radar maybe with database to use on my Windows 7 whit the Data from Piaware?

thanks for informations…


Upgrade to the dump1090 by mutability and you can get many more details. A/C type, distance, country(with flag), track, messages and message age.
see here for info ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/ads-b-feeder-receiver-setup-scripts-t36532.html

If you want to run virtual radar see here (this will get you what you want on Windows 7-10)

Update you exact location to get MLAT to work.
Go here
and enter your antenna lat/long/height. You can select the accuracy of the position on the website (exact, 1KM or 10KM) that others see. The entered details should be exact. and others can help with the details. As can a smartphone.

Virtual Radar Server can keep a searchable database if you install it’s “database writer plugin”. I don’t have a step by step guide handy - but it’s fairly logical once you’ve got VRS up and running.

The database is a nifty feature that lets you run “reports” in Virtual Radar - my favorite is the listing of all the Military aircraft that have overflown. Caught Air Force 2 once - very cool!