More data crunching


Ok, now another cool thing…

I’m looking at LGA:

Can we get the Proposed/Assigned time DP time in there as well? So the columns might be:
Proposed DP time, DP time, Estimated Arr, Arr?

I’d also love it if we could get a column between DP time and Estimated Arr with the delta between DP and Estimated DP (+0:34, +0:15, +1:30) and maybe even color coded by amount? This would be great for seeing ‘how behind’ an airport is… at least for some measures of ‘behind’.


I just wanted to bump this up to get an opinion from the FA staff. It also occured to me that this sort of additional columns can be done in any place where there is this sort of data, not just departures…


Sorry, I filed this request in our bug tracking system (open to the public) but forgot to make a note of it here. You can track our progress and make additional comments there.