More curious than anything....FlightFeeder Shows up just 4 miles from me?


@FA Staff How can a FlightFeeder show up located just 4 miles from me. Are these FF for sale and someone bought one? Is a FF really needed given all the coverage already here? I see it’s smack dab next to the local business/air guard airport (KSCH). Maybe for ground traffic there?

More, merry, fine. Just seemed odd to see.



Not FlightFeeder - it is Feeder Type: PlanePlotter


Yes, ground traffic and surface movement, which requires a close install with line of sight to the airport surface.
This type of FlightFeeder install also has some gain tuning done so we can get good surface coverage at the expense of range.


I feed PlanePlotter and mine says PlanePlotter. This clearly says
Dec 12, 2017
a minute ago