Moose causes Helicopter to crash!

Got this email today, a Moose got it’s rack in a tailrotor and broght down a helicopter.

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I hate it when that happens.

:open_mouth: Poor tailrotor!!! jk is the moose ok?

Jumping moose?

I dont know if you guys have seen Bill Engvall’s bit called Here’s your sign… but this reminds me of one of his jokes. In 2004 the plane Bill was on hit a deer on the runway in NW Arkansas and it destroyed the engine and made quite a mess… he called his wife and his wife said :bulb: “OMG were you on the ground ???” :open_mouth: Here’s your sign!! :laughing:

It will be hard not to joke about this incident… hope the moose was ok.

Probable Cause states:
…which resulted in an in-flight collision with the moose"

Reading that, I just get this image of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by incompetent mooses. :smiley:

Wonder if the moose had a “nice rack” :smiley: