Moon Gazing....


So, who watched the Lunar eclipse last night and did anyone catch it from aloft?

I was up at MMU and had a clear view of it, watched almost the whole event.

Wife at home (N14) only 2 hours away by car had only a spotty and intermittent view through the overcast.


We had a bunch of aircraft (5 or 6) that requested “90 left so the passengers can see the eclipse”. They also rubbed it in that new england was under an overcast. We thought it was weird that when we turn planes 30 left for 5 minutes for in-trail spacing and pilots freak out, but if the moon looks different, they can suddenly can turn 90 left for a while.

On top of that, at one point at the beginning of it, because of the angle that planes had way up in the flight levels, pilots could see both the sun and the lunar eclipse at the same time. It took a few moments to figure out if this was indeed possible.



Not mine, but a guy i know from another forum:


I live in New England [CT] and I saw it fine from ground level. Got home about 6pm and took my son out to the street so we could see it clear above the trees - looked great in binocs. That 3d effect with both eyes and little magnification is always so cool.