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ModeSMixer2 API key issue with RPI

Hi all!

I’m going crazy trying to get the map to work properly in modesMixer2.
I’ ve enabled the key in GoogleCloud Platform and integrated it in ModeSMixer2 mm2.conf file (adding the line --google-key XXXX).
But opening the map in my local ip of ModesMixer2, it remains as the apy key wasn’ t accepted.

Can someone help me?

Thank’s so much


  1. Clear browser cache (press Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys togather).
  2. Reload browser (press Ctrl+F5 keys togather)

After adding line --google-key xxxxx in file mm2.conf, you have to restart modesmixer2
sudo systemctl restart mm2

I tried all your suggestions, also using different browsers in different pcs, but the problem still remain.
Is there a way to understand if the key is accepted by the software, for example a log file?
How can I be sure that the key is created correctly in Google Cloud?

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