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Model pleads guilty in air rage incident

Model pleads guilty in air rage incident
Last updated May 15 2006 04:08 PM NDT
CBC News
A Swedish model was ordered on Monday to pay more than $28,000 in fines and restitution, following an air rage incident aboard a British jet that had to be diverted to central Labrador.

Marzena Kamizela, 32, cannot leave Canada until she pays both a $10,000 fine and the $18,491.73 charge that British Airways incurred during Friday’s emergency landing.

In provincial court in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Kamizela pleaded guilty to four charges, including three counts of assault involving the crew of the jet. She was also charged with endangering the safety of the flight, particularly the cabin crew.

Marzena Kamizela pleaded guilty Monday in provincial court in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (CBC)

Marzena Kamizela pleaded guilty Monday in provincial court in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. (CBC)
The British Airways flight was en route from London to New York when Kamizela refused to take her assigned seat. Court was told Kamizela also blocked aisles and a dining cart, and waved a wine bottle in the air.

Once she began kicking and screaming, the crew moved to restrain her with a seatbelt and cuffs.

She refused to comply with the crew’s order even after the jet’s captain sent her a signed note instructing her to take her seat, court heard.

In a court appearance on Friday, Kamizela said that she had been drinking and had been “running around in the flight.”

Kamizela told the court on Friday that she did not think she could survive a weekend in a cell, but that’s where she landed.

Judge William English sentenced Kamizela to eight days in jail which amounts to time served on one of the assault charges. She was given a suspended sentence on the other two counts of assault.

Kamizela will remain in custody until she arranges payment of her fine.

Kamizela, who is now studying law and political science, said that she had been mistreated aboard the plane, but decided to plead guilty to put the incident behind her.

“It was a bit drastic,” she told CBC News, referring to how airline staff dealt with her.

Look for the law firm that represents the professor from CSU-Los Angeles
that flew Southwest from Houston to Los Angeles that pulled her off in El Paso (a scheduled stop) and had her arrested there. She won a total judgement currently under appeal for $27.5 million against Southwest. Look for the law firm that represent the professor to contact this model. Look out British Airlines. Get your barristers ready for this one.

haha i couldnt have said it better than myself

Wouldn’t do her any good.

The event occurred on a UK flag carrier over the north atlantic. She was arrested in Labrador, part of Canada. She was arrested, judged guilty and is serving her term.

The case would never get past her solicitor’s office door.



Ummmm… yes, I think you could have. :smiling_imp:

She can come fly with me anytime! marzenakamizela.com/