Mode-S Beast & GPS Decoder Board


You can get this from jetvision. It is the same BEAST but without the GPS.


The radarcape is a beaglebone with a hat.
(I have one).

Hi this board I only aware FlightAware is using it.

The same feature Mode S Beast Board also available to sell without the GPS.


I found this post looking to find a way of adding GPS timing to MLAT without buying something that you just plug into a power supply and the the Internet unlike Radarcape, (or Flightfeeder which seems to require an abode somewhere an awfully long way from where I live to obtain one).

I do appreciate that the GPS timing has to be inserted during the hardware decoding of such a device, rather than after a significantly longer time by an attached software decoder.

RadarCape and ModeS Beast are sold by the same company.

My guess is that if you want GPS timestamps, they want you to buy the Radarcape (considerably more expensive)

Not aware of another receiver that does GPS timestamps.
(Flightfeeders are not offered for sale as far as i know, probably also because it would be in competition to the Radarcape)

Actually is because they probably are buying them from Radarcape. Would be like buying a Toyota from dealer and trying to resell it. Can’t make any money on that.


Is it able to have the GPS works on the piaware 3.8.1 like what we saw in the Flightfeeder web interface page with the GPS shown?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have the GPS antenna connected?

I am currently using an Air!Squitter from Jetvision which is the little brother of Radarcape with a few limitations.

Once i’ve set up the FA feed, all the buttons turned green.
But i have to say that i am using the antenna with built in GPS and the device gets the position there.

Did you try setting the GPS location manually on the device?

I am connected using the Mode-S Beast with on board GPS board, the on board GPS LED turns Green but don’t know how to configure it like the flightfeeder web-ui page.

Please contact and we’ll get you sorted out.

I don’t have mine online right now, but there was a location setting somewhere in the web interface. It’s used automatically if GPS is detected, but you can overwrite it manually

Hi esmathews,

Thanks for the reply. I sent email and not getting it solved. Anyway, thanks for the advise to contact, and always not getting the exact answer that I ask.

Always misunderstanding the question…

Anyway, thanks again for this.

Best regards,

@saihoufung I’m terribly sorry that we couldn’t resolve your issue today. I understand how frustrating this can be.

I am reaching out to you directly via email. If I personally cannot fix your issue I will arrange for the return of your FlightFeeders at our cost.

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