Mobile Viewing



I’ve got a Raspberry Pi feeding ADS-B data to Flightaware.

Viewing my data very awkward using browser on any mobile device and the mobile app doesn’t have a menu item for My ADSB

Any suggestions or does it really need the bigger screen of a laptop or desktop?



I am able to run PiAware Skyview satisfactorily on my Kindle Fire (7" diagonal screen). The Silk Browser which comes with the Fire, though a bit slow, allows zooming and panning on those areas of Skyview that I’m interested in at any given time.

I assume the Apple iPads will also work fine with Skyview, but have no experience with them.


Adequate, not easy. No worry, laptop usually running.




I am using a T-Mobile ZTE SyncUP DRIVE dongle plugged into the OBD port on my car for a wifi hotspot.

The only thing I don’t like about the T-Mobile device is that you have to keep the engine running to keep the wifi portion of it powered up. :cry:

I believe the AT&T ZTE Mobley dongle has a work around for this issue.


That is an interesting setup.