Mobile Apps FA and FR24



On Friday 24 August a Twitter post announced Virgin flight VS25 from Heathrow to New York was returning to Heathrow about an hour into its flight due to technical reasons.

The FlightRadar24 mobile app showed the aircraft turn and subsequent approach and land at Heathrow.

The FlightAware mobile app showed it still as happily on its way to New York.

On a proper computer I think both FA and FR24 have their own strong points but most people have a mobile device and I feel the FA app could definitely do with some tweaks.



This one?

Shows diverted to me. The mobile app is using the same underlying data as the full website.


Strange, soon as I got the message I obviously followed the link to FR24. It was shown as a non emergency return to base so out of curiosity I opened my mobile FA app, merely wanted to see how the information differed.

Searched for the flight, shown as active (it was over Ireland at that point) but all I got was the page showing how far into route from LHR to New York the flight was.

Perhaps I needed to go to some other link, not sure as I was on a mobile device at the time so no larger screen available.

This is the screen I got, same device but flight the following day.