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Didn’t get a response in another forum so will try this one.

Quite a while back it was there but MMN flights are no longer visible with the corporate filter, can this be reversed?


Can you explain a little more what flights you’re trying to track where and what filter you’re referring to?


When using the corporate filter. For example looking at an airport an instead of selecting All or Airliners selecting corporate flights.

Three letter code MMN.

Example MMN48


I have corrected the issue so that they show up under the General Aviation filter when looking at specific sections of the airport page. For example, when you click on more next to arrivals on an airport page, you are provided a full list of flights that have arrived at that airport. You can then click on GA to get only GA flights within the list.

Depending on when you check the following link (http://flightaware.com/live/airport/KRBW/arrivals/ga), you should be able to find the MMN48 flight.

Thanks! Will it work for all MMN flights or solely MMN48?