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MLB/NFL/NBA Charter Planes

For Detroit Tigers what does hidden mean. Will not show tracking. Could not find a flight CVG-CLE or BKL for the Tigers getting here for the series against the Indians. why would it be hidden.z

Any NFL flight numbers yet?

Atlanta Falcons DAL 8863
Baltimore Ravens GTI 8546
Carolina Panthers AAL 9476
Dallas Cowboys AAL 9458
Denver Broncos UAL 2544
Green Bay DAL 8868/DAL 8869
Jacksonville Jaguars GTI 8544
l:os Angeles Rams UAL 2538
Miami Dolphins BSK 372 & 373
Minnesota Vikings- DAL 8874
New York Giants: UAL 2537
Washington Redskins UAL2533

New Orleans Saints UAL 2541

With 2019 spring training wrapping up and opening day for 28 of the 30 teams coming up in a few days, I decided to look at a couple of the teams I like to see if their charters seem to be the same for 2019.

Rockies continue to use PMM758 - verified today flying into Albuquerque for an exhibition game against my Isotopes.

Dodgers seem to no longer be using UA2502 - it’s still showing flight activity from last year’s World Series. I would have expected at least a trip from phoenix area to LA for the freeway series. Dodgers begin the season at home and don’t go on the road until early April so it will be a while before we can check for updated flight info or try to figure out the new info.

EDIT: UA2502 is showing correct info for the Dodgers first roadtrip of the season so I guess LAD is using it again this year. Makes me wonder how they went from spring training at Camelback Ranch to Los Angeles unless they bused instead of flew to LA for the freeway series.

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Anyone know what they flew Ortiz back to Boston in?

It looks like the Red Sox sent their plane after him.


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Anybody know if the Braves are using a new Flight # for their charters? Doesn’t look like DAL 8883 is it any longer - or at least from ATL - MSP, or MSP to MIA…?

Edit - looks like the Braves are now going under Flight #8877

Same question for the Twins

I was looking for the Mets plane flying into Atlanta and couldn’t find it myself.

Looks like Mets new flight number is DL 8882.

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Seems like Delta changed flight numbers for a number of teams

My son is a huge Mets fan and I was going to try to at least watch them come in…now maybe we can watch them leave. I wonder if that terminal at Hartsfield is a special terminal

Edit : it appears to be just a standard international terminal…seems odd they would have a team come into the main airport area

Looks like SF Giants are now using Delta Flt# 8886, changed from 8892

And it now looks as if the Atlanta Falcons (complete with absolutely no depth on their bench) are now going on DAL 8858. So yes, Delta has apparently given their charters new #'s. Looking at propwash’s post about the Giants (along with the Braves), perhaps you subtract 6 from the old flight numbers, and hopefully you’ll have the new flight #'s…

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I think they still do charter for Football teams.

Twins new flight number is DAL 8881, Mariners have the Twins old flight number, DAL 8887, All other AL Central teams are the same

Anyone the St. Louis Cardinals flight number?

Is there an updated list for NBA? Haven’t been seeing any flights using the numbers I have…

Was just wondering the same thing.