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MLB/NFL/NBA Charter Planes


Looks like they have switched carriers, as they were DAL8866 in the pre-season, but are using AAL9424 for the regular season so far.


Thanks for the update.


I’m looking for the Clippers. They seem to be different.


Anyone have the Arizona Cardinals coming into Seattle today?


2015-16 NBA Season

Atlanta Hawks - [flight]DAL8921[/flight]
Boston Celtics - [flight]SWQ1603[/flight]- (i.e. [flight]SWQ1604[/flight], [flight]SWQ1605[/flight])
Brooklyn Nets - [flight]DAL8922[/flight]
Charlotte Hornets - [flight]DAL8923[/flight]
Chicago Bulls - [flight]SWQ1107[/flight]- (i.e. [flight]SWQ1108[/flight], [flight]SWQ1109[/flight])
Cleveland Cavaliers - [flight]DAL8924[/flight]
Dallas Mavericks - [flight]N801DM[/flight]
Denver Nuggets - [flight]DAL8925[/flight]
Detroit Pistons - [flight]N880DP[/flight]
Golden State Warriors - [flight]DAL8926[/flight]
Houston Rockets - N104HR or N757SS (Blocked)
Indiana Pacers - [flight]DAL8927[/flight]
Los Angeles Clippers - [flight]DAL8928[/flight]
Los Angeles Lakers - [flight]DAL8929[/flight]
Memphis Grizzlies - [flight]DAL8930[/flight]
Miami Heat - [flight]BSK391[/flight]
Milwaukee Bucks - [flight]DAL8944[/flight]
Minnesota Timberwolves - [flight]DAL8931[/flight]
New Orleans Pelicans - [flight]DAL8932[/flight]
New York Knicks - [flight]DAL8943[/flight]
Oklahoma City Thunder - [flight]DAL8933[/flight]
Orlando Magic - [flight]DAL8934[/flight]
Philadelphia 76ers - [flight]DAL8935[/flight]
Phoenix Suns - [flight]DAL8936[/flight]
Portland Trail Blazers - [flight]DAL8937[/flight]
Sacramento Kings - [flight]DAL8938[/flight]
San Antonio Spurs - [flight]DAL8939[/flight]
Toronto Raptors - [flight]DAL8940[/flight]
Utah Jazz - [flight]DAL8941[/flight]
Washington Wizards - [flight]DAL8942[/flight]


Does anyone know the USWNT plane tail number or do they travel commercial?


Houston Rockets flightaware.com/live/flight/PMM7 … /KHOU/KSAT


Has anyone been able to find college basketball teams’ flight info? Specifically looking for LSU basketball


Bumping it up…

With MLB teams breaking camp, now is a good time for an updated list for the 2016 season.
I don’t know any of them off hand, except my home team lol…

San Diego Padres, once again on UAL 2215.
Breaking camp and heading to El Paso to play the AAA team… then home for the opener flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL2 … /KPHX/KELP


It looks like the Twins are still on Delta 8887 and the Red Sox on Delta 8885 as both of them had flights on Thurs to the sites of exhibition games this weekend


Looks like a lot of the teams are using the same flight numbers as last year. Here are the ones I could verify so far, in addition to the ones already posted.

UAL2205 = Houston Astros
UAL2206 = Cleveland Indians
UAL2208 = Chicago White Sox
UAL2209 = Chicago Cubs
UAL2210 = Kansas City Royals
UAL2213 = Milwaukee Brewers
UAL2214 = Philadelphia Phillies
UAL2217 = Pittsburgh Pirates

DAL8883 = Atlanta Braves
DAL8888 = New York Mets
DAL8889 = New York Yankees
DAL8890 = Washington Nationals

ACA 7031 (to Canada)/ACA7032 (from Canada) = Toronto Blue Jays


It appears that the SF Giants have downgraded aircraft from last year. It appears that this year they will be flying on an EASTERN charter 737-800, down from a 757. Flight to Milwaukee was EASTERN 5721.



UAL2207 = Los Angeles Dodgers

DAL8886 = Miami Marlins
DAL8893 = St Louis Cardinals
DAL8894 = Tampa Bay Rays

No idea if the following flight numbers will stay the same, but here are the flights that were taken today. SF Giants has already changed from the last flight posted above.

EAL5729 = San Francisco Giants
GTI7532 = Texas Rangers
PMM129 = Colorado Rockies
PMM757 = Seattle Mariners
SWQ5073 = Detroit Tigers


Anyone have anything on the Oakland A’s for this year? They’ve been bouncing around a lot, are flying into Seattle this afternoon/evening. Thanks and let me know.


Looks like GTI8532 today for the A’s.


Looks like the Orioles are now United 2211


UAL2212 = Cincinnati Reds
UAL2216 = Los Angeles Angels


The Rockies season has already started and their 727 has been sitting in PHX for the past 13 weeks. Does anyone know if it will be used this season? If not who are the Rockies flying? :question:



As stated above, Rockies are on PMM129 this year.


What are the Tigers doing this year? Can’t find anything for the flight DTW-PIT on 4/12, and nothing for them last night PIT-IAH. Are their flights now masked?