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Can anyone help with NFL team tail numbers for the 2015 season?..thanks




Here’s the NFL flights this weekend. I know United keeps the same flight numbers for the season, not sure about the others.

UAL2229 = San Francisco 49ers
UAL2230 = Denver Broncos
UAL2231 = Tennessee Titans
UAL2232 = New York Jets
UAL2233 = Washington Redskins
UAL2236 = Houston Texans
UAL2237 = New York Giants
UAL2238 = St Louis Rams
UAL2240 = Tampa Bay Buccaneers
UAL2241 = New Orleans Saints
UAL2243 = Kansas City Chiefs

AAL9421 = Carolina Panthers
AAL9423 = Pittsburgh Steelers

DAL8868 = Green Bay Packers
DAL8869 = Indianapolis Colts


Patriots DL 8872
Vikings DL 8871

Bears UAL 2239

Dolphins were at Chicago last week but can’t find it.


UAL2241 - Lions
UAL2239 - Bears
UAL2234 - Bills
UAL2235 - ?


DL8867 - Bengals


How do you know this one. It makes sense, but nothing is showing up yet.


Wrong. That’s Saints. United 2241

Lions is United 2242.


AAL9425 = Oakland Raiders
AAL9428 = Miami Dolphins (joint practices in Spartanburg, SC)
AAL9429 = Dallas Cowboys (in training camp in Oxnard, CA)

DAL8865 = Atlanta Falcons
DAL8870 = Jacksonville Jaguars
DAL8873 = San Diego Chargers
DAL8874 = Seattle Seahawks


Anybody have ideas about AAA baseball team travels? Fresno Grizzlies playing El Paso Chihuahuas, Thursday night in Fresno then going to El Paso for games paying Friday night. Didn’t notice any direct flights, but would have thought that both teams would have flown together because they’re both going to the same city. Teams would have been close to 32-35 people.


Anyone got the Eagles? Pretty sure they are going Delta would fly out tomorrow I imagine to ATL for MNF.


2 weeks ago, they took American to Green Bay
flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL9 … /KGRB/KPHL

May have taken the bus to New York last week.

American is weird about posting charter flights. They usually don’t show up until the plane is in the air.
Not sure if they change the flight numbers, but the football charters on AAL have been in the 9400’s.


Yes, Birds take a bus to north Jersey and train to DC.


Found it. eagles: AAL 9426


AAA baseball teams typically travel by bus, or commercial flights. Very rare to have a charter flight for minor league baseball.


Did anybody catch the flights the jets and the Dolphins took to London?

Update: It is possibly Virgin Atlantic 9918 I know from EWR virgin typically uses 789 this flight was on a A346


Looks like the Jets on Virgin Atlantic 9918

Dolphins on Virgin Atlantic 9916


NBA 2015…


NBA 2015 Tail Numbers?

are most still the same as usual or did they change again


Baltimore Raven flight #? Last year it said DAL8862 but that’s not coming up for them this year.