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MLB/NFL/NBA Charter Planes


For 2015, United has changed the MLB charter flight numbers from the previous 1800 series flight numbers to 2200 series flight numbers. For example, the Kansas City Royals were UA 1805 in 2014. The Royals are now UA 2210 in 2015.

UA 2205 = Houston Astros
UA 2207 = Los Angeles Dodgers
UA 2208 = Chicago White Sox
UA 2209 = Chicago Cubs
UA 2210 = Kansas City Royals
UA 2211 = Philadelphia Phillies
UA 2212 = Cincinnati Reds
UA 2213 = Milwaukee Brewers
UA 2214 = Washington Nationals
UA 2216 = Los Angeles Angels
UA 2217 = Pittsburgh Pirates


Can anyone please help me with the Rockies tail number? Thanks.






Still looking for the Padres as they embark on their first road trip. Thanks.

I’m thinking its United 2215. Anyone can confirm?


I’m thinking you are correct. flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL2215

United going SAN-MDW can only be a charter. Today will be the team’s first flight, since they drove home from spring training and took buses to/from LA.


Braves - flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL8883


Does anyone have the new A’s flight #? Their old one doesn’t work. Thanks!


It appears that the Giants used Omni Air Express 213 yesterday to go to Denver. Saw no flight for Vision Air RBY705


Can someone please help with the Mariners flight #? Thx.


Has anyone been able to find the Miami marlins tail number?


Looking for the Blackhawks new flight #. Thx


The Marlins switched from United last year to Vision Air this season. Their flight number goes up sequentially by one or two numbers and have been using a 767. Their last flight was Vision 510 from SFO to LAX but for some reason it looks like for some reason that they took a Interstate Equipment Leasing "Swift Air"737 last night from LAX to MIA. I don’t know why. Does anyone have an idea?


marlins to Pittsburgh RBY512


Hey guys quick question anyone have the Orlando FC MLS team tail number. They play the Chicago Fire this Saturday so I’m assuming they would leave Orlando arriving in Chicago O’hare Friday afternoon. Any help would be great thanks.


Can anyone help with the Dbacks flight or tail #? Thx


Can anyone help with the MLS flights number for the 2015?? Thx


MLS flies commercial


Does anyone know what the Broncos are taking into Seattle today?


Here it is…
flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL2 … /KDEN/KSEA
UAL 764 flight 2230