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MLB/NFL/NBA Charter Planes


That wasn’t the team. The team left for London on Monday 10/20. 1837 left on 10/23. And I saw instagram & twitter pics from 10/20 about the Lions leaving (one included a pic out the window seeing Virgin on the wing).

And I’m pretty sure the NFL signed a sponsorship deal with Virgin for the London games.


can anyone help out a Spurs fan with the tail number to see them come to Portland? Trying to figure this out but cant track them down and the old ones on here arent working. TIA




Does someone have the tail number for the Rockets charter coming to San Antonio?


Does anybody have a flight number for the Bucks who play in London on the 15th?


ive been looking for the same all day - flightaware.com/live/findflight/ZAU/ZLN/. all im seeing is the regular scheduled flights. if i had to take a guess I think they would take virgin. ill post back if i see anything


hmmmmm just found this though - flightaware.com/live/flight/GTI8 … /KMKE/EGGW


Anyone no the tail # for the Heat this year?


Miami is BSK391… Does any1 have the Celtics tail#?


Anybody have the Chicago bulls flight for this year?


Does anyone have a list of flights for the 2015 mlb season?


Does anybody have the latest list for MLB?


give it a couple weeks, and it should be around


Anyone have info on average charter flight hours a MLB team clocks in a season? Thanks.


Looking for the Padres but the Yankees are leaving to DC from Tampa Delta 8889.



Tigers are still the same, N682RW, which is doing the Red Wings charter, as well…: flightaware.com/live/flight/N682RW


twins - DAL8887


Does anybody have the 2015 MLB tail numebers list?


This from the SF Giants;

Private Jet Services: The Giants have selected Private Jet Services as the team’s new private
aviation partner and will fly the team in a Giants branded and customized Boeing 767-200. PJS is a
team sponsor and will promote private charter options for our fans through various promotions
and activations.

Only one I saw for yesterday’s trip to Phoenix was Vision call sign RBY702



That is the correct flight for the Giants. Only difference this year is that each flight will have a new flight number, going up by one number sequentially. (RBY701 was their flight from Phoenix to SF for exhibition games). Anyone know ifthere an easy way to set up notifications for sequential flights like this?