MLB Flight Cruising Altitude


Any one know why it seems MLB flight are usually higher than normal commerical flights? … /KBOS/KDTW


It didn’t. There’s a bug in the graph. If you look at the track log at … W/tracklog you’ll see that it never got above 40,000 feet.


I don’t see any issues, rw812.

The yellow altitude line shows FL400 the whole way. It’s a higher than the average commercial flight, but a short hop and probably a light load from the climb rates.

The 480 knot groundspeed spike is probably correct too, the rate of climb decreases around that point so they were probably starting to level off before being cleared higher.


My fault - I transposed the speed and altitude lines.

FL400 doesn’t seem to be an unusually high flight level for flights anymore. Southwest quite often goes that high with its -700s.