MLAT some planes not show

I have a question about some planes wouldn’t show up as MLAT. In special case i know that this plane has equipped with Garmin GTX330 transponder. Skyaware will list this plane, but no MLAT locally. Flightaware show last flight 2 years ago. But that is totally wrong. There is no history about this plane:

Radarbox seems to be work, but also not well enough.

Are there someone how can explain me what the issue is?

Thanks a lot.

It’s set to private probably. (on FA)
That would probably also mean FA won’t give you MLAT results or remove the identification from the MLAT results for that plane, it would show with a hex starting with ~

radarbox has shown data issues in some other cases people have posted about so i’m not surprised.

Have you looked at the history on some other sites like fr24 / adsbexchange?

I believe only FA and adsbexchange provide its contributors with MLAT results just as some information on the local thing.

Flightradar working also but very late and not often.
ADSBexchange not offer history data i think?
I will check this, if i see this plane live…

Put the registration into the search, open the history in the aircraft details on the left.

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OK-GPS is not blocked on FlightAware.

However, we also don’t have a Mode S address to tail number mapping for OK-GPS, so you would only be able to track it by the ident which it transmits (which may or may not be its tail number)

@obj That’s not a big problem on my side. Hex is 49D269. Mapping will be possible now?

Unfortunately I can’t verify or maintain a mapping based just on a forum post - do you have an authoritative source?

We returned mlat position data to your feeder for a flight by OKGPS on the 23rd so I think that part is working fine - if you’re not seeing positional data, I’d double-check your side of the setup.

From a quick look I’d guess it’s not creating trackable flights on the main website because the flights tend to be low-and-slow (for example that flight on the 23rd never exceeded 3500ft or 110kt), and we are very conservative about creating new flights based only on mlat data with no confirmation from other data sources.

@obj thanks for reply. Official source I don’t know one. But if you search the Web you will find everywhere this hex code and that is valid with my private data. But this is no problem, I can contact the owner also. I will ask him to contact you if you need verified data.

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