Mlat red?

My stats keep changing MLAT to red, then green and back, but MLAT aircraft are on my Skyaware anywhere. Anomalies - “This feeder is not being used for multilateration because its timing information appears to be unreliable.” I cant find a problem?

Ensure your location is set really accurately. That fixed my problem. I thought close enough was good enough. It wasn’t. Once I got it to within a few feet, it has been solid ever since.

I will check it on HamGPS and try - Thanks

A second alternative is Google Earth or similar. Configure google earth to show lat/lon as decimals and you can just write them down and use directly to set your location. Do your best to zero in on the specific location of your antenna.

I came right, my Oruxmaps app with my offline 1:50000 maps on my phone shows correct altitude and Lat / Long as per data from town council and Google earth data is actually quite close.
MLAT is now happy.

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