MLAT on Skyview map



Reading about mlat from your web page at it states ’ MLAT aircraft are depicted on the map and the chart in purple.’

Cannot detect this on my Skyview map or chart, aircraft are in different colours depending on altitude and my chart appears to list aircraft and groups them with or without position.

Can’t see any purple and cannot see any obvious configuration option.



it’s just the outline of the aircraft - very hard to differentiate - black vs. purple. but in your table on the right side of map you can see the two different colors - mlat and ads-b


Thanks for very quick reply Tom.

Yes, just seen on map, colour difference between mlat and high altitude planes very hard to distinguish.

As for on the chart, difficulty I find is that if I click on an aircraft in the chart a large information panel appears over the map hiding most of the aircraft, try to scroll the map but have difficulty finding which aircraft it refers to. Trail often not obvious or maybe not present.



yep :slight_smile: and on iphone or ipad it’s even more funny with the info-panel …
many here use virtual radar server in addition to skyview - just use the search to find lots of info here in the forum. link to vrs-website:


Right, thank you, will look at that.

Like working with Flightaware, great service and thought virtualradarserver was an ‘alternative’ but a quick look at the web page seems it just displays details received by one’s own device.



vrs isn’t an alternative to fa - but additional free software to watch all data your site harvests or making use of other free data networks.


Thanks Tom, installed and working.

Strangely, the map shows fine when accessed locally but if I try via an internet address the various panels display but the map area is blank with message;

This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Console read out as follows;



Seems to have resolved itself - I deleted the location from VirtualRadar then re-entered it.

Seems to be OK now.