MLAT not showing up on local map after upgrade to 3.0



Since I used the flightaware page to upgrade my ADS-B to piaware 3.0, my local map no longer shows MLAT traffic. Anyone know how to fix this?



Check the logs and settings
sudo piaware-config -showall
sudo tail -200 /var/log/messages
sudo tail -200 /var/log/piaware.log
You seem to be sending mlat traffic to FA.


Same here. No solution yet.


What image did you start from?
How did you upgrade?


I did the upgrade via the flightware website. I will try the SD card full/clean install this weekend.


This is what I always do when I want to upgrade: format microSD card and write latest OS img, and install latest versions of all decoder and data feeder software. No headaches of debugging, a clean installation, and everything is latest version.