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MLAT is working or NOT?

I hope everyone is well!

Why does my Flighaware say that my ADB and MLAT are working and are GREEN, but then in the position assigned to me a red cross appears?

Given your location this is likely to be either that there are insufficient nearby receivers to do mlat, or just that there is no traffic nearby that requires mlat.

Check the connection status of your receiver in the profile. Should say something like that:


Hello everybody

My settings is:

Última entrada do alimentador: há 3 minutos
Tipo de alimentador: FlightFeeder 8.0~bpo8+1
Feeder Mode: Mode-S (1090 MHz)
Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled

And with tthis also:

Interface Web: FlightFeeder SkyAware (requer conexão de rede local)




since when is the device running? Did you reboot recently?

I’ve seen that it sometimes take several minutes until it’s fully working.
As you have a FlightFeeder you might contact the support of Flightaware

As I said above - this looks normal, mlat is not producing positions because of the receiver location, not because of a problem.