MLat Anomaly on stat screen


I noticed yesterday that I have now an information about the sync status of the MLAT on mi PI. That’s great, but why is this reported as an anomaly? There is not much I can do about this short of buying real estates around my home, and adding some receivers.

I think that the information should be in the site information zone with a line like “MLAT Sync Count : xxx” ,and a colored status like red for 1/2 orange for 3, an green for four. Additionnaly the MLAT message rate as seen in the log would be great.

But again the anomaly zone should only be for faults that can be fixed by the user, otherwise the zone will be there a not read.


Noted, but unlikely to change any time soon.

FWIW the next version of piaware will log pretty much what you’re asking for in terms of synchronization status to /tmp/piaware.out.
(But the anomaly display will remain, as it is a good way of answering the question “why am I not receiving mlat results?”; if you are happy with your mlat results, you can ignore the anomaly)