missing United flight


I went to track a flight a friend of mine was taking today…United flight 6352 from SFO to TUS. Why can’t I find it on this site?


That is because the flight is a United codeshare flight.

"]How does FlightAware handle “code share” flights? (Back To Top)
FlightAware does not generally currently support mainline code share, such as a Continental flight being operated by Delta. However, FlightAware supports “express” code shares where passengers are less likely to be aware of the situation such as Continental 1251 being operated by “Continental Express”, which is actually ExpressJet Airlines. FlightAware will either make the correction (e.g., COA1251->BTA1251) automatically or offer a list of possible matches if there is any ambiguity. When presented with a list of suggestions, you can select the correct flight by looking for the origin and destination that you are expecting.

SKW6352 is the flight you want to track (or wanted).

I went to THIS page and entered your city pair and found a Skywest flight by the departure time.


SKW6352 also appears on the UAL6352 page


Ah, thanks for the clarification.